Settling into Nashville

The long awaited arrival is finally here! If you’ve been following The Revenant on our journey, you may already know, we had plans to relocate from Dallas, Texas to Nashville, TN. This idea has been in the works for multiple years, and we’re excited to finally share that we have relocated and settled into Nashville! […]

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The Rev’s Story

Every meal you’ve ever eaten took preparation, every place you’ve travelled had a journey to get there, and every artist has a back story. Most people don’t consider the semantics of how bands are formed until they’ve watched a documentary on their favorite artist, but just like every other group, forming Revolution was a long […]

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Mastering Music in Quarantine

Greetings revolutionaries! I know things have been quiet since the release of Coronavirus, but Revolution has been steady making noise. As some of you know, during the year, my band and I are separated for college, so breaks are the only time we get to play and perform together. Unfortunately, since the start of this […]

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Mashable: Musical App Design

A common problem I face as a music listener is the defeat of having two favorite songs that simply do not go well together. I go back and forth between genres like metal and electro and sometimes I wish the two could exist harmoniously as one. I love a good mashup but first of all, […]

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Evolution of Music Listening

This week I decided to do something a bit different by demonstrating some examples of the ways we have listened to music over the years. From the phonograph to online streaming, we have seen many different formats for music listening, and yet, the result has remained the same. And even though many music listening outlets […]

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Musical Toys for Children at Heart

As someone who is a 12-year-old at heart, musical toys are very important to me. Toys or not, they can offer a lot of different techniques to developing musicians. Some are tailored to children and others are not, but today, I’ll mostly be focusing on musical toys for adults. However, if you’re an actual 12-year-old, […]

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